Cultural Safaris

Cultural tours are a perfect opportunity to enhance your Tanzanian experience by immersing yourself in well preserved ancient cultures.  You will meet the local tribes and get an insight into the daily lives of local Tanzanians. We arrange the following cultural add-ons:

Maasai village visits

On your way to the National Parks in northern Tanzania, you can choose to spend some hours in a Maasai village where you will experience the Maasai way of life. You will see traditional dances, learn about traditional herbal medicines and learn how to weave beautiful baskets and jewellery. You will also get an opportunity to buy traditional handmade jewellery from Maasai women.

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Hadzabe Bushmen Cultural Experience

A visit to the area around Lake Eyasi will bring you to the ancestral land of the Hadzabe bushmen who are skilled hunters and gatherers. The Hadzabe people today live as their ancestors lived thousands of years ago; they live far away from the modernized crowds and through the isolation, they have managed to preserve ancient cultural practices.

Hadzabe men are hunters while the women and children gather roots, fruits, and berries to supplement their diet. They are kind people who will happily show you where they live and how they use their excellent hunting skills to catch animals for food.

A Cultural Experience With the Dagota Pastoralists

The Dagota are nomads and pastoralists just like the Maasai, in fact, their culture resembles that of the Maasai. Apart from being pastoralists, the Dagota are also blacksmiths; they make knives and arrowheads which they trade with the Hadzabe bushmen. The Dagota pastoralists and the Hadzabe bushmen live around the same area.

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